This guide outlines the systematic procedure for identifying military cartridges, based on the cartridge designation, country of manufacture, and functional bullet type.

Volume 1. Small–Arms Cartridges Up to 15 mm.

Designed for use by persons who may not be familiar with small–arms ammunition, this guide provides basic information on cartridge types, construction, and terminology as well as more detailed identification data.

This guide covers military cartridges in calibers of 15 mm and below–as well as several related paramilitary or target cartridges–that have been manufactured or used since 1930.

Although some of the cartridges in this guide are obsolete in the country of manufacture, they are included because they were made in such large quantities that examples may still be found.

To keep the size of the guide within manageable limits, it does not include experimental or caseless types, blank cartridges, cartridges for propellant–actuated devices, ignition cartridges, or sporting cartridges.

The information contained in this guide has been derived from examination of cartridges; intelligence reports; US and foreign technical publications; and contributions from individuals.

Making this is the perfect reference manual for anyone with a keen interest in small-caliber ammunition.