This definitive guide provides information on special shotgun loads that will overcome the shortcoming found in standard shotgun rounds.

Learn to make a load that can penetrate a steel armor plate, Kevlar body armor and bullet proof glass.

You will read reasons behind all lever action rifle ammo being of round nose type.

Standard rifled shotgun slugs have a usable range of only 100 yds. If a lighter rifle bullet is substituted for the slug, the range will increase several times.

Commercial rifled slug loads are often hard to obtain. An improvised slug load can be made from any regular shotshell.

Riot shotguns with 18” or 20” barrels are ideal for slug shooting but tend to allow buckshot to scatter in a too wide pattern for long shots. This can be controlled by using a piano or picture framer’s wire.

Remember not to greatly increase projectile weight without reducing the powder charge.

The steps to make and modify special ammo are pretty straightforward and really doable.

In addition to learning about making special purpose shotgun ammunition, you will also find wealth of information on making cheap archers rarget with ease.

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