The complete guide to booby traps.

This guide details many deadly booby traps and their construction.

For example, the road trap incorporates a wire-trip action to complete the electrical circuit. It is extremely simple to make, since all the equipment can be gathered around the house.

The walk trap incorporates the same type of wire-trap action as described in the road trap.

A Homemade hand grenade can be constructed from an empty, clean, condensed-milk can, attached to a wooden handle.

To construct a book trap, you will need a large book, perhaps a thousand pages. The book should be hollowed out, leaving the edges intact.

Find out more about these and many more booby traps, make sure you get your copy of Booby Traps - The Complete Guide.

Contents of the Booby Trap Guidebook are as follows:

  • Road Trap
  • Walk Trap
  • Bangalore Torpedo
  • Homemade Hand Grenade
  • Anti-Personnel Grenade
  • Book Trap
  • Loose Floorboard Trap
  • Gate Trap
  • Chimney Trap
  • Car Trap
  • Pipe Trap
  • Cacodyal
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Whistle Trap & Other Handy Devices