Hidden street weapons are not the same as invisible, or improvised, weapons. Rather, they are specifically intended to be implemented as weapons, and are designed so as to provide for maximum concealment upon one’s person.

A few of the weapons listed are extremely nasty and highly illegal. Such weapons are typically the tools of assassins (whether criminal, terrorist or officially sanctioned) and would never be used by a true warrior. However, if you become involved in an altercation with such an individual, it is good to know what you might be up against.

This guide will teach you:

  • What is a blade?
  • What are shivs?
  • What is the definition of a shank?
  • What are spikes?
  • How are razors used as a weapon?
  • How can I defend myself again a butcher knife?
  • What are common types of daggers?
  • What is a tanto?
  • What are sawback knives?
  • What are punch knives?
  • What are knuckle knives?
  • What is a double-knife?
  • What is an expandable blade?
  • What are switchblades?
  • What is a balisong?
  • What is a gravity knife?
  • How can I defend myself against throwing knives?
  • What weapons cause blunt trauma?
  • How is a billy club a weapon?
  • What are knuckles?
  • What are saps?
  • What is a yawara?
  • How are steel balls used?
  • Is a cane a weapon?
  • What are police-style weapons?

This guide contains fascinating information and facts about hidden street weapons. Ranging from legal to illicit weapons, it is important for people to remember that knowledge is power.

If you are aware of the existence of certain hidden weapons – as well as their strengths and weaknesses – you are less likely to be taken by surprise, and will be better able to protect yourself.