Get you plans for construction of the legendary semi-automatic Uzi.

With this easy to follow document.

A type of firearm that has the appearance and general configuration of a conventional sub-machine gun, but can effectively only be fired in a semi–automatic mode.

Enclosed is the plans for this semi–automatic firearm that has a configuration generally similar to a known form of sub-machine gun,  as it comprises an elongate receiver, a pistol grip extending downwardly from the receiver and forming a housing for a cartridge magazine and a trigger mechanism and sear located forwardly of the pistol grip.

The firearm operates on the blow-back principle with closed breech type operation and employs a slidable bolt and separate slidable firing pin striker mechanism within the receiver, with the bolt being freely slidable and the sear operating on the striker mechanism.

The trigger mechanism only has a semi–automatic and a safety setting and the bolt face has a feed lip of a design which causes the firearm intentionally to jam under certain abnormal operating conditions.

This detailed set of plans includes, comprehensive diagrams and descriptions.