The complete and simple guide to the drop in full auto conversion of a Marlin .22.

This drop–in conversion kit is primarily designed to convert any of the Marlin or Glenfield loaders with detachable magazines to fire straight full auto with a minimum amount of work while using most of the original components.

This conversion procedure is best suited to those who just want their basic rifle or take-down carbine to fire full auto. The straight full–auto conversion technique simply requires the drilling of the two small holes at the rear of the bolt to install the filler for open–bolt firing.

This is the complete drop–in full–auto conversion kit that can be quickly substituted with the separate factory trigger group any time the user wants to use a full–size rifle or carbine in full–auto mode after installing the filler plate at the rear of the bolt.

The original trigger and push–button safety are retained.

This makes the conversion process virtually undetectable until the bolt is cocked in the open–bolt position and fired at a rate of 1,500 to 17,00 rounds per minute.