These combat training tips are an update on the manual produced in the Vietnam era, which were published in 1970 and captured valuable combat experience in jungle operations.

In 1988 the 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (with several joint attachments), conducted an extensive series of jungle operations. They ended the exercises by updating the Vietnam–era tips to cover changes in equipment, weapons, and doctrine. These include many new techniques, such as Night Vision Goggles and Blackhawk tips, and a section on "Hatchet Team" operations.

The lengthy and detailed "PW Snatch," "Breakout," and "Movement Techniques" portions from Vietnam–era tips were excluded because, while important, they are step–by–step "how–to" formats, not "tips," and can be found in other manuals.

These new combat tips were not written to be the replacement for the previous handbook, but to provide the Special Operations community with a report of lessons learned (and relearned) in combat patrolling.