A comprehensive instruction manual for the construction of a pneumatic machine gun.

A weapon that can be extremely powerful for 30 shots or tuned down to 150 shots for a more relaxing shooting experience.

The air powered light machine gun was developed as self sufficient, pneumatic alternative for home protection, defense and also inexpensive machine gun shooting and enjoyment.

This weapon can be built on a lathe with a milling attachment with basic shop tools.

Included in this guide is an exhaustive parts list, complete technical drawings, photographs, and blueprints, to ensure ease of understanding and correct assembly of your air-powered light machine gun.

Homemade Air-Powered Light Machine Gun covers the following:

  • Self sufficient
  • Delivers 32 ACP power
  • Design - hand held selective fire automatic
  • System of operation -blow back
  • Caliber - 30(.311 bottom groove)
  • Barrel length - 20" to 24"
  • Magazine capacity-30 bullets (85 to 100 gr.)
  • Overall length - approx. 45"
  • Weight -10 to 12 lbs.