Building your own firearm noise suppresser can be made easy, all you need is simple items such as cardboard and glue.

This guide details all you need to know about constructing a simple, cheap and effective silencer for a .22 LR rifle or pistol.

This design can be adopted to function for other firearm calibers, however, a threaded barrel/silencer junction is recommended for cartridges more powerful than .22 LR.

First, a word on "silencers." The term is a nice one, but very inaccurate. Anyone with more than a layman's knowledge of guns would call them a firearm noise suppresser, but that is also somewhat misleading. They both sound as if they are a device that either eliminates or muffles the sound of a gun being fired. It really changes the way it sounds.

A "silenced" shot can also make sounds of up to 110 dB, but, if someone shot a gun near you, you wouldn't think,"That sounds like a muffled gunshot," you'd think "I wonder what that sound was?" The sound that it makes depends upon the suppresser, the weapon, the caliber, and the ammunition.

Basically, there are 3 ways suppressers are made. Either with baffles (little washer-type things spaced at regular intervals along the body of the silencer), screen (wire mesh wound around the inside walls of the tube), or a combination of the two. For simplicity, this one will use baffles only, but anyone could adapt it to screen or a combination.

This gun silencer is easy to make and highly effective.