Kata Dante is composed of twenty–seven of the deadliest iron hand strikes ever devised by man.

Each one of which is guaranteed to kill, cripple, or main any attacker.

In order to defend oneself, one need not spend years practicing, nor suffer the indignities of training under the many brutal black belts who now abound in the world, nor disfigure the hands to turn them into weapons or "talons of terror."

This book teaches all twenty–seven of these strikes in impeccable, illustrated detail.

Ninjitsu has been called the most savage and terrifying martial art known to man. The Ninja, practitioners of this unholy science, are, without doubt, the most effective and ruthless fighters the world has ever known. Much of this reputation is based on their skill in battle and espionage. All martial arts teach punches and blocks as well as target areas, vital and fatal points of the body, and so on. The ultimate warrior is not necessarily one who presents flashy techniques or even a great variety of striking methods. He is the one who prevails.

In ancient times, when the practice of "karate" (Okinawan for empty hand ) was forbidden, and even before that time when the "masters" wished to organize and record their movements, the various means used to inflict fatal blows upon the enemy were strung together into the practice form known as "kata."

Kata is a Japanese word meaning, dance. Thus, when accompanied by music, martial artists could practice in public without revealing their art to the uninitiated. Through the elaborate kata method, not only could the Ninja perform all the blocks and punches in combination, but the need for dull, repetitive drill of only one or two movements was also eliminated. Naturally, this complex exercise required a considerable amount of concentration on the part of the student. But, that too, was part of the training

This chapter presents a specific kata, Kata Dante. Dan means "deadly" and Te means, "hand" So, Kata Dante" would translate as Dance of the Deadly Hands. Kata Dante was created and fostered by Count Juan Raphael Dante, founder of the American branch of the feared and respected Black Dragon Fighting Society. He selected from the vicious techniques of the Ninja, those, which were most deadly. Fusing them into the devastating self–defense form practiced today in his honor by all members of the society.

Kata Dante employs every major "hand–weapon" of all the Kung Fu and Karate masters. Furthermore, it strikes every major vital and fatal point on the human body and is designed to destroy the enemy is the simplest and most efficient manner possible.

Prior to the development of this exercise, these techniques were taught as individual death–blows and a man might spend a lifetime trying to perfect just one of them.